This hand is not automatically good, like a pair of aces, kings, or queens, but it is also not a hand to fold every time. You need to know when to call slot e wallet with this hand, raise, and even fold.


Position is everything


In early position, KJ can allow you to win a small amount, but even more importantly, you can lose big, especially when the game is aggressive and players are raising their stakes frequently. Playing KJ from early position , especially if you call rather than raise, leaves you vulnerable to an opponent‘s raise. Even if you flop a king or a jack, you cannot know for sure if you have the best hand. And if so, then you will need to either call your opponent to find out, or try a speculative raise that can lead to any kind of situation. For this reason, we recommend folding KJ in early position, unless the play is very passive with a lot of calls and few raises. You may still not have the best hand, but at least it won’t cost you an exorbitant price. In middle position, you can relax a little, because the chances of a bet increase decrease. And if no one left, you can raise the rate and try to take control of the bank right on the spot.


Last Reply


If this takes one of the blinds out of the game, you only have to beat one opponent to win free credit ewallet slot the entire pot. Plus, you probably have the best hand preflop anyway, and you are in the best position for the rest of the game.


If you are in the same position, but a number of players have already answered, you can answer for them. After all, if no one has raised the bets, the chances of your hand being beaten by AK or AJ are slim. If the flop comes a jack or a king, you will most likely have top pair with the best kicker; why not place a bet if everyone else has missed a move?